1. We invest in and work with companies and entrepreneurs who inspire us – with their will, their abilities, with their vision and energy. And with sympathy.
  2. We are particularly interested in growth financing, scalable and sustainable business models, strategic opportunities and buy-outs.
  3. We are entrepreneurs ourselves, bringing experience, know-how, contacts.
  4. We invest time, energy and capital – as entrepreneur, advisor or supporter.
  5. We ask:
    • What is the company particularly good at? And what not so good at?
    • What is the company to look like in five years?
    • How do we get there?<
    • And much more.
  6. We help find the answers and help implement them. Our mission is Business Development. Also and particularly in critical times.
  7. We organise fund raising. And we invest ourselves.
  8. We seek sustainable value enhancement. And an Exit-perspective.
  9. We are experienced in what we do. Our contribution is professional in every respect.
  10. We expect adequate compensation for our work from our partners. And we want to earn substantial amounts when a project is successful.